Power generation: Cogeneration

Cogeneration is a highly efficient and environmentally attractive means of generating heat and electric power at the same time. Cogeneration power plants often operate at 50 to 70 percent higher efficiency rates than single-generation facilities.

Temperature monitoring in the boiler is important to oversee boiler performance and optimise the combustion process. Key temperature measurements help to prevent damages on the refractory and optimise the combustion process.

VisionTIR provides different solutions for an early detection of fire and to optimize your boiler operation.

  • Boiler Monitoring

    Key measurement in the boiler is very important to improve efficiency of the combustion process. ProTIR system provides accurate temperature monitoring to prevent damages on the refractory.

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  • Storage silo

    Coal or biomass fuels are often stored in large piles or silos where uncontrolled fires can occur because of spontaneous heating and combustion. FireTIR System is a flexible solution based in radiometric infrared cameras for early fire detection of fire hazards and hot spots before a fire breaks out.

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  • Conveyor Belts

    Coal is moved from storage pile or silo to a mill conveyor belt where spontaneous heating may happen. FireTIR System is our recommend solution to detect hot spots in large coal storage piles.

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