ProTIR® – Infrared Thermal Imaging System for continuous temperature monitoring.

Based on high resolution thermal cameras and a specific software, ProTIR® provides real radiometric images that accurately measure temperature inside of furnaces, rotary kilns, coolers, incinerators and boilers in the steel, minerals, power generation and process industries.

In addition, ProTIR® is also ideal for glass melt furnaces, steam reformer and cracker tube furnaces, enabling process control optimization, energy efficiency savings and prolonging the lifetime of the furnaces and reformer tubes.

With 86º viewing angle optic, our system provides accurate temperature information (from any of 367,000 live data points) of an extensive area with just a narrow opening in the wall.

Protected by a rugged protective housing and using a high-performance water-cooling system, ProTIR® system resists up to 2.200 ⁰C (3,992ºF).  In addition, our thermal imaging solution provide a wide temperature measurement range of 450 – 1800 ºC ( 842 – 3272 ºF).

ProTIR® software provides accurate data analysis along with automated alarm outputs and control for 24/7 monitoring, to instantly alert the user of any problems from the control room.

ProTIR® – Infrared Thermal Imaging System for continuous temperature monitoring

•       High-definition thermal images.

•       Radiometric images with accurate temperature information

•       Flame shape optimization

•       Process control optimization

•       Energy efficiency savings

•       Long term reliability

•       Minimal maintenance

•       2 years warranty.

•       Different protection mechanisms available against overheating (auto-retraction system and wall fixing device) for trouble-free long term use.

•       Range of housing dimensions and mounting options. There are different lengths and diameters available to provide the best solution for every installation.

•       Full feature software. It provides accurate data analysis, different areas configuration, temperature trends, automated alarm outputs and control for 24/7 monitoring, to instantly alert the user of any problems from the control room.

•       Real time inspection at the highest resolution.  86º angle for maximum inspection details. 764*480 pixel resolution, giving 367,000 data points.

•       Temperature range: 450 – 1800ºC (842 – 3272 ºF)

•       Operating temperature: up to 2.200ºC (3,992ºF)

•       Frame Rate: 80 Hz

•       Spectral range: 0,92 – 1,1 µm

•       Resolution: 764 * 480 pixels

•       View angle: 86º (diagonal)

•       Axial and angular view

•       Data output: Ethernet or Fiber Optic

•       Housing length: 350, 700 or 1200mm (13,8”, 27,6” or 47,2”)

•       Housing diameter: 89mm or 101,6 mm (3,5” or  4”)

•       Sealing: IP66

•       Power supply: 24 Vdc

•       Made by stainless steel AISI316L

•       Standard accessories: control cabinet, cables software, power supply, water/air cooling system, air purge system

•       Rugged: high temperature resistance and long term reliability thanks to its high performance water and air cooling system. The air purge system maintains the lens clean for an accurate measurement.

•       Different view of angle inclination: Axial and angular (30º, 45º, 60º & 90º).

Cement, lime, Steel, Glass, Refining, Petrochemical, Biomass, Power Generation

Automatic protection mechanisms

Wall fixing device

Auto-retraction system


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