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Early fire detection in waste management plants

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Waste management plants utilizing solid wastes for energy production and recycling plants require the prevention of any type of fire in the facilities. The storage and processing of solid waste can ignite de material and if the fire is not detected in time, the whole plant can be destroyed.

Reducing the likelihood and frequency of fires at solid waste management sites is critical for the safety of the personnel and the infrastructure.

FireTIR for early fire detection in waste management plants

FireTIR system provides real time temperature monitoring of industrial plants, capturing the temperature distribution of a surface in milliseconds, with automatic detection of hot spots.

The system performs the monitoring based on the images and data captured by infrared cameras pointing to areas where there are solid waste stacks, in both indoor and open-air areas.

FireTIR software

FireTIR Software offers full remote control of all infrared cameras, different inspection zones configuration, recording functions, alarms and analysis of the measured data.

Integration with other systems

FireTIR allows an easy integration with other systems like plant safety, firefighting, production control,…