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Fire Stages

Stages of Fire: Detection and Warning Systems

Fires, devastating events that can break out at any time, go through several distinct phases as they evolve and spread. Early detection is essential t...

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New FireTIR early fire detection system up and running in Dubai waste plant

Last March, the VisionTIR team implemented a new integration and deployment of the FireTIR® early fire detection and warning system in one of the wast...

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Start-up of new FireTIR® System at TMGA facilities

The TMGA Group (Terminales Marítimos de Galicia), renews its confidence in VisionTIR with the implementation of a new FireTIR® fire detection system i...

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Planta Reciclaje Residuos

Early Fire Detection in Waste Management Plants | Application Note

Waste management plants utilizing solid wastes for energy production as well as recycling plants, require the prevention of any type of fire in the fa...

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New installations of the RKS300 system in cement plants in Asia

VisionTIR recently carried out the commissioning of the RKS300 system at two cement production plants in Asia located in South Korea and in the Hongsh...

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Early fire detection in Waste to Energy and Waste Management Plants

The statistics provided by CTIF (International Association of Fire and Rescue Services) are showing that the fire incidents in the waste sector are ve...

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Temperature control in furnaces in the metal industry

Furnaces allow heat to be generated and kept within a certain range in order to melt the metal. The process involves more than simply melting metal to...

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Temperature control in float glass manufacturing

Float glass Float glass is a sheet of glass made by floating molten glass on a layer of molten tin. This method gives the glass a uniform thickness a...

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7 factors to consider when choosing a thermal imaging camera

Discover the 7 most important factors to consider before buying a infrared camera for temperature measurement, and especially when its use is in indus...

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Titan Thermal is now new distributor of VisionTIR solutions for Canada

The company Titan Thermal is now a new distributor of VisionTIR systems in Canada. Titan Thermal & Process Solutions Inc. is a leading manufacture...

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