Paper manufactures demand temperature monitoring for efficient, safe and high-quality production of paper. It is also essential to detect surface defects for saving valuable time, increase production efficiency and gain faster line speed through automated surface inspection.

VisionTIR provides specific solution for early fire detection and surface defects detection to the pulp and paper processing industry.

  • Paper Drying

    Early detection of surface defects is important to gain access to new customers and increase your line speeds. Our MCQC100 system provides early detection, classification and visualization of defects in real time, providing objective assessment of the product’s surface quality.

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  • Storage

    Chips are stored in large piles or silos where uncontrolled fires can occur because of spontaneous heating and combustion. FireTIR System is a flexible solution based in radiometric infrared cameras for early fire detection of fire hazards and hot spots before a fire breaks out.

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