Minerals: Cement

Temperature monitoring at key stages is essential in cement plants to maintain an optimum performance and to minimise downtime. Monitoring is also important to oversee the condition of the kiln and cooler, and prevent fire risk from hot spots in the process.

VisionTIR offers different solutions to optimize your cement plant operation.

Cement process manufacturing

Infographic showing the cement manufacturing process as well as the different VisionTIR systems to guarantee quality and safety.


    Monitoring the temperatures within the burning zone is important for quality and efficiency. Our ProTIR system will provide accurate temperature monitoring at the burning zone to driving off unwanted elements as gases and creating clinker of the required composition.

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    It is essential to monitor and measure temperature inside coolers to improve operational efficiency and combustion control. ProTIR System will detect snowmen, redrivers and other anomalies that take place in coolers. Also, our system will help you to make routine plant maintenance and shutdowns more predictable and less disruptive to the process.

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    Continuous monitoring along the entire rotary kiln length is important to ensure proper kiln-hell safety and durability and optimize kiln efficiency. RKS300 System will provide real-time inspection of the entire kiln length, allowing the detection and measurement of all hotspots on the kiln shell, even at an early stage.

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    Coal, rubber and other materials are commonly used in heating the rotary kiln burning zone. Prior to milling, they must be stored which is a fire risk. FireTIR System is a flexible solution based in radiometric infrared cameras for early fire detection of fire hazards and hot spots before a fire breaks out.

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