· Solution based in radiometric infrared cameras for
early fire detection

· Real time temperature monitoring of industrial plants

· Automatic integration with extinction systems and
OPC connection

FireTIR System: Thermography system for early fire detection.

FireTIR System is a modular and flexible solution based in radiometric infrared cameras for early fire detection and temperature monitoring of industrial plants (indoor and on open-air grounds).

FireTIR is able to capture the temperature distribution of a surface in milliseconds, with automatic detection of hot spots.

FireTIR Software offers full remote control of all infrared cameras, different inspection zones configuration, recording functions and analysis of measured data.

FireTIR - Thermography system for early fire detection

•       24/7 monitoring of areas with a high risk of fire and explosions.

•       Real time detection of fire hazards before a fire breaks out.

•       Customized installation for temperature monitoring of large areas.

•       Maintenance-free operation

•       Recommended by leading insurers

•       Modular expansion. The system can be expanded at any time with further cameras and workstations.

•       Full remote control of all infrared cameras.

•       Fast and precise temperature measurement. It can capture the temperature distribution of a surface in milliseconds.

•       Automatic hot spot detection. It allows thermal evaluation of objects with automatic detection of hot or cold spots.

•       Different inspection zones configuration, thus facilitates the parameters processing of each zone: emissivity, measurement temperatures, prealarms and alarms events, dimensions, etc.

•       It offers recording functions and analysis of measured data.

•       Easy integration process. Advanced concepts of interface allow the integration in networks and automated systems.

•       Email notification of alarms or alarms notification by digital outputs.

•       Control and Analyzing of several infrared cameras with one system.

•       Wide-area monitoring

•       Definition of alarm zones and related temperatures in each IR camera to avoid combustion of materials as a preventative measure.

•       Precise and comprehensive temperature detection.

•       Integrated fire alarm outputs for all current alarm and extinguishing systems.

•       Discrimination system consisting of alarms and pre-alarms to avoid false alarms due to work vehicles, forklift, etc.

•       High-resolution temperature measurement at great distances

•       Customized system design and architecture. Tailor-made solutions even for complex monitoring tasks.

•       Spatial visualization. Display of all zones in a map view.

•       ATEX-certified housings for installation and operation in Ex-zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

•       Biomass Warehouses and silos

•       Coal storages

•       Chemistry and Oil Production

•       Waste/Recycling Facilities

•       Wood Processing

•       Fertilizer Storage

•       Road Tunnels

•       Conveyor Belts

•       Hazardous environments (flammable substances, ATEX classified zones)

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