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VisionTIR will participate in the ExpoBiomasa 2019 fair in Valladolid

Expobiomasa is the most important professional fair in Spain for companies linked to biomass, both in the development of projects and products as well...

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VisionTIR will present the ProTIR system at the Heat Treatments Congress 2019 in Bilbao

The annual THERMAL TREATMENTS day 2019 will be held this year on September 25th in Bilbao. In this day the most outstanding professionals on Thermal T...

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VisionTIR will participate in the Heat Treatments Congress 2019 in Bilbao

VisionTIR will be present at the Heat Treatments Congress 2019 organized by Metal Spain on September 25th at the Barceló Nervión Hotel in Bilbao (Spai...

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VisionTIR will be at the Iron and Steel fair AISTech 2019 in Pittsburgh (USA)

VisionTIR will participate once again in the AISTech 2019 fair, one of the most important in the world dedicated to the iron and steel industry, which...

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VisionTIR will participate in the Advanced Factories fair in Barcelona

Advanced Factories brings together the most innovative companies in industrial automation, robotics, machine tools and digital manufacturing, together...

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VisionTIR will participate in the Genera 2019 fair dedicated to Energy

VisionTIR will participate in the International Energy and Environment Fair Genera 2019 from February 26th to March 1st, which will be organized in M...

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The ProTIR system is installed in the ENEL-Endesa thermal power plant in As Pontes (La Coruña)

The ProTIR thermographic vision system for continuous temperature monitoring continues consolidating itself as the most efficient solution in processe...

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Monitoring and optimizing the temperature with infrared thermography in cement industry

Kiln operators and managers rely on accurate temperature data from the kiln to detect hotspots and prevent catastrophic kiln failures. Thermal camera-...

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Infrared Thermography Overview

What is Infrared Thermography? Infrared thermography is a technique that allows to measure the temperatura of objects remotely and without physical co...

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Cement process manufacturing | Infographic

Cement_production_EN For more information, contact us: Contact

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