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New FireTIR early fire detection system up and running in Dubai waste plant

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Last March, the VisionTIR team implemented a new integration and deployment of the FireTIR® early fire detection and warning system in one of the waste treatment plants currently operating in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Early fire detection in waste plants: FireTIR Control Panel


The system, which is already operational, consists of two thermographic vision cameras with a resolution of 384×288 pixels.  Its main mission will be to monitor the garbage dumps for the early detection of any fire outbreak within the plant’s facilities.

Early fire detection in waste plants: visiontir-firetir-box


The FireTIR® system will permanently monitor large garbage dumps in order to detect temperature variations that could be considered as possible sources of fire.

In addition, thanks to the use of algorithms created by VisionTIR, the system will discard as false alarms, those temperature variations that are considered normal, such as moving objects or the engines of the machines working.

Fire: number one enemy of waste plants

Early fire detection in waste plants

Fire is undoubtedly one of the greatest risks faced by waste treatment plants around the world. The reason is that there are multiple causes that can originate a devastating fire that in many cases, and given the abundance of flammable material, are difficult and costly to extinguish.

Among the most common causes of fires in waste treatment plants are the following:

  • Flammable and explosive products such as aerosols, butane gas, propane gas, fuels…
  • Chemical reactions resulting from the decomposition of organic waste.
  • Sparks caused by static electricity due to the high presence of plastics and their continuous friction.

For this reason, more and more waste treatment plants are adopting solutions for early fire detection based on artificial vision such as those developed by VisionTIR’s engineering team.

About FireTIR®

FireTIR: Early Fire Detection System

The FireTIR® System is a modular and flexible solution based on radiometric infrared cameras for early fire detection and temperature monitoring in industrial plants (indoor and outdoor).

FireTIR® allows capturing the temperature distribution of a surface in milliseconds, with automatic detection of hot spots.

The FireTIR® system software offers full remote control of all infrared cameras, different inspection zone configurations, recording functions and data analysis.

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