metal coils quality control
metal coils quality control
metal coils quality control
metal coils quality control
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Esquema MCQC100
metal coils quality control
metal coils quality control

MCQC100 – Metal Coils Quality Control System for real time detection, classification and visualization of defects.

MCQC100 is an automated quality control system for surface defects detection, classification and visualization in cold-rolling mills. MCQC100 inspection is performed on a random sampling of the material surface. It provides an objective assessment of the product`s surface quality and helps the operator in the fine adjustment of the production process.

The integration of the MCQC100 system in the architecture of the factory provides tools to assist Quality Personnel on making decisions and guide the optimization of the production process.

MCQC100 – Metal Coils Quality Control System

•       Quality Control and inspection for all metals processed in continuous production lines: austenitic, ferrite and duplex stainless steels, aluminum, etc.

•       Real time detection

•       Defects classification by size and location on the inspected surface.

•       Cost effective

•       Remote data access.

•       Others: Objectivity, Flexibility, Scalability, Robust and Secure.

•       Easy maintenance

•       Reduction of claims and waste

•       Process optimization

•       Automated quality grading

•       Minimizes the need for manual inspection

MCQC100 Software provides a reliable defect recognition and precise information on critical defects and their location.  Furthermore, automated surface inspection with its defect classification helps to improve production quality and reduce quality costs.

•       Acquisition and image processing.

•       Data integration and communication to the different levels of the factory (SCADA, data bases, communications with PLC, etc.)

•       Historical data consultation and analysis

•       Diffuse IR illumination for optimum contrast and detection of surface defects.

•       Reliable detection of any type of defect

•       Minimum detectable defect size: 50 microns.

•       The quality of the surface is set according to the amount of defect per unit of surface inspected (defect density).

•       Fully enclose

•       Analysis of inspection results

•       Communication with process line and PLC

•       Defect densities calculation, displaying trends graphically.

Stainless steel, aluminium , paper.

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