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VisionTIR presents its technology at the Algeciras Port Open Innovation Day

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VisionTIR presented its technology based on multispectral cameras and its application in the port environment at the Algeciras Port Open Innovation Day.

The Algeciras Port Open Innovation Day is a conference organized by the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras (APBA), with the collaboration of Puertos del Estado, Connected Mobility Hub, Kaleido and Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo, focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.

The event aims to serve as meeting point between the Port Community and all those innovative ecosystem agents (companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, spin-offs, …) with a multiple goals:

  • Publicize the strategy and innovation challenges of the Puerto Bahía de Algeciras and the collaboration alternatives.
  • Explain what the Ports 4.0 Capital Fund consists of, which has 20-25 million € to boost entrepreneurship and innovation in the port sector.
  • Learn about innovative Start-Ups solutions and solutions related to the logistics and transport sector that can help the Port of Algeciras improve its competitiveness and its value proposition.

We thank the Andalucia Open Future initiative for making possible the participation of VisionTIR in this event.


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