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VisionTIR will participate in the Advanced Factories 2020 fair in Barcelona

Advanced Factories brings together the most innovative companies in industrial automation, robotics, machine tools and digital manufacturing, together...

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Installation of FireTIR system at the Votorantim cement plant in Leon (Spain)

The early fire detection system FireTIR has recently been installed at the Votorantim cement plant in Toral de Los Vados (Leon, Spain). This is the se...

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Installation of FireTIR system in a warehouse of TMGA located in the port of A Coruña

VisionTIR has recently installed the FireTIR system in a new coal storage warehouse (ATEX Zone) belonging to TMGA company and located in the Port of A...

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VisionTIR installs the ProTIR and RKS300 systems to monitor different areas in a zinc plant in Mexico

VisionTIR has installed the RKS300 and ProTIR systems in a zinc oxide production plant in Mexico which are already fully operative. The RKS300 system ...

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VisionTIR shows the latest technology in temperature monitoring at the Heat Treatments Congress 2019 in Bilbao

The Heat Treatments Congress 2019 held this year in Bilbao brought together leading companies and professionals dedicated to industrial heat treatment...

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Distributor in India ABSR visits VisionTIR team in Spain

The company ABSR Engineering & Services from India has recenctly visited the facilities of VisionTIR in Malaga, Spain. Sandeep Nigam, sales direct...

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VisionTIR company selected in the Andalusia Open Future initiative

VisionTIR has recently been selected to be part of the technology startups acceleration initiative Andalucia Open Future. Andalucia Open Future is a t...

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ABSR new distributor of VisionTIR systems ProTIR and RKS300 in India

The company ABSR Engineering & Services becomes new distributor of VisionTIR in India for the ProTIR and RKS300 systems. ABSR has extensive experi...

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