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FeverTIR | Fever detection system based on high-precision thermal imaging cameras

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The Fever Detection System FeverTIR is designed to quickly and accurately measure people’s body temperature without contact. The system alerts about people who exceed the established maximum body temperature, detecting possible cases of fever, one of the most obvious symptoms of Covid-19 infection, as well as similar contagious diseases.

Its fast data capture, high precision and resolution, make it ideal to be installed at the entrance of hospitals, offices, industrial facilities, logistics centers, shopping centers, hotels, banks, schools, etc.

The system combines a high-precision thermal camera with a visible Full HD camera allowing body temperature measurement and the identification of people, with fast recording of the data obtained. The system provides an accuracy of ±0.5ºC and traceable calibration certificate is included.

For higher accuracy in temperature measurement (±0.3ºC), there is the option of incorporating a black body source. In this case, a traceable calibration certificate is also included.

Temperature measurement with accuracy ±0.5ºC

Temperature measurement with accuracy ±0.3ºC

The included software provides a very intuitive interface for the control and configuration of temperature, alarms and recording functions, as well as for the analysis of the measured data. Its digital output module allows easy integration with other systems.

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