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Fire prevention in wood pellet plants

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Wood pellets production

Wood pellets are the most common type of pellet fuel. They are high-quality and energy-rich fuel generally made from compacted sawdust and industrial wastes from the milling of lumber, manufacture of wood products and construction.

During the production of wood pellets there is the risk of fire because of accumulation of combustible wood dust on different locations of the production plant. The wood dust is highly combustible and can start a fire at any time.

Wood pellets storage

Once the wood pellets material is stored, the self-heating of this biomass fuel can occur either by chemical oxidation reactions and/or microbiological decay.

The higher the moisture content of wood pellets the greater is the risk for self-heating and potential self-ignition.


Early fire detection in wood pellet plants

The early fire detection system FireTIR allows real time detection of fire hazards before a fire breaks out, measuring and monitoring the temperature distribution in the wood pellet plant, either in the production facilities or in the store or silo.

The system is able to capture the temperature distribution of the facility in milliseconds, with automatic detection of hot spots.


Cutting edge technology

Based in radiometric infrared cameras, FireTIR is a modular and flexible system for early fire detection and temperature monitoring of warehouses and industrial plants (indoor and on open-air grounds). The FireTIR system cameras are protected by rugged protective housings to withstand the aggressive ambient conditions that sometimes surrounds the system.

The system includes a software that allows real time inspection, fast and precise temperature measurement, full remote control of all infrared cameras, configuration of different inspection zones, pre-alarms and alarms, notification of alarms by email, sms or digital outputs, recording functions (images and video) as well as the analysis of the measured data.

FireTIR system includes discrimination capabilities, avoiding unwanted alarms due to moving vehicles and objects. It consists of intelligent algorithms based on the recognition of the pixel’s movement.

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