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Forest Fire Detection

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Prevention and Detection of Forest Fires

In the fight against forest fires, the automatic fire detection system through thermal analysis is the most efficient solution. This type of systems allows early detection, location and monitoring of forest fires.

The system to be implemented for the prevention and detection of forest fires is generally made up of a control center and one or more surveillance posts. In each of these surveillance posts the temperature of the area is constantly monitored. Using advanced software and algorithms, fires are quickly and automatically identified and located as soon as they start.

Early Fire Detection System

FireTIR, ideal system for forest fire detection

One of the applications of the early fire detection system FireTIR is the forest surveillance, with the goal of detecting the presence of fire. The FireTIR system allows the automatic detection, location and monitoring of forest fires through thermal images.

The infrared camera-based FireTIR system captures the temperature distribution in an area and automatically detects the hot spots. The thermal imaging cameras of the FireTIR system are calibrated and they get in real time the temperature information in each pixel, automatically detecting any outbreak of fire. It also allows, through its digital output module, to automatically activate extinguishing systems or send email in case of alarms.

The system incorporates a module that allows the discrimination of false alarms due to vehicles, machinery, etc.


Visible image

Fire detection

Thermal image

FireTIR system software allows full remote control of all installed cameras, as well as different configurations of monitoring zones, recording functions and data analysis.


FireTIR, ideal system for forest fire detection

For the detection of forest fires, the FireTIR system has the capacity to be an autonomous system that can be powered by photovoltaic panels, as well as different types of communications like 4G, Wimax, etc. to operate over long distances.