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Start-up of new FireTIR® System at TMGA facilities

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The TMGA Group (Terminales Marítimos de Galicia), renews its confidence in VisionTIR with the implementation of a new FireTIR® fire detection system in the warehouses that the Galician group has recently built in Punta Langosteira.

With more than 20,000 square meters of surface area, the Punta Langosteira terminal, due to its privileged location, close to the main international maritime traffic routes, is strategic for TMGA and that is why it has been equipped with modern equipment for the handling, storage and transformation of goods such as agri-food products, solid bulk, wind power, etc…

As in the rest of the terminals of the Port of A Coruña, TGMA has renewed its commitment to the most advanced safety and prevention systems with the installation of 8 infrared-based thermography cameras, which also include ATEX certification for explosive atmospheres.

Thermographic Camera installed in Punta Langosteira

One of the cameras at Punta Langosteira terminal

The main mission of this system, developed entirely by VisionTIR, will be the early detection of fires in the two new wharehouses within TGMA’s maritime terminal in the Port of A Coruña.

Control panel for 4 thermal imaging cameras

Control panel for 4 of the 8 thermographic cameras at TGMA’s terminal in Punta Langosteira

In VisionTIR we are really proud to count among our clients the TGMA group, which since its inception, has engraved in its corporate DNA, its strong commitment to quality and commitment to innovation. Values that are fully shared by all the members of the VisionTIR team.

About the FireTIR® System for early incident detection:

The FireTIR® System is based on radiometric infrared cameras for early fire detection and temperature monitoring both indoors and outdoors.)

FireTIR® captures and displays the temperature distribution of a surface within milliseconds, with automatic hot spot detection.


This quality, together with its simple scalability and easy integration with automated fire suppression systems, makes FireTIR the most effective solution for early fire detection today.

Do you want to know first-hand all the details of our FireTIR® system? We are listening!

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