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The cruise company Croisières Chateaubriand uses FeverTIR to detect fever in passengers

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The cruise company Croisières Chateaubriand has put in operation the fever detection system FeverTIR manufactured by VisionTIR.

The FeverTIR thermal scanner is installed at the maritime station to ensure that passengers’ temperature is taken before boarding in order to detect fever, one of the most common symptoms of Covid-19.

In the words of Véronique Alix, director of cruises at the Croisières Chateaubriand company: “This highly efficient fever detection system is used to protect the health of our passengers, which is our main objective, within the framework of compliance with sanitary regulations. ”.

The Croisières Chateaubriand company uses the FeverTIR system in combination with other actions to guarantee the health of passengers and avoid contagions, such as the provision of hydroalcoholic gel, the mandatory use of a mask, disinfection of the ship after each cruise, maintaining the distance between people and table service to ensure sanitary standards.


FeverTIR | Fever Detection System

The fever detection system FeverTIR is designed to quickly and accurately measure human body temperature without contact.

The system alerts people who exceed an established maximum body temperature, detecting possible cases of fever, one of the most obvious symptoms of Covid-19 infection, as well as similar contagious diseases. The system complies with the IEC 80601-2-59 standard.

The system combines a high-precision thermal imaging camera with a visible Full HD camera, allowing both body temperature measurement and the identification of people and the rapid recording of the data obtained. For greater precision in temperature measurement (± 0.3ºC), the option of incorporating a black calibration body is included.

Requirements of the UNE-EN IEC 80601-2-59: 2019 regulation

The UNE-EN IEC 80601-2-59: 2019 standard specifies the minimum requirements for resolution, precision, safety and performance of thermographic scanning systems for effective measurement of body temperature and fever detection.

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