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VisionTIR gets two projects in the zinc mineral sector in Mexico

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VisionTIR is going to develop two additional different projects in a multinational company in the Zinc mineral sector in Mexico.

The implementation of these project will allow to monitor temperature rotatory kiln shell as well as the shape of the flame in the burner zone in zinc mineral processing plants. The systems that will be used in these cases are the RKS300 (system for the temperature monitoring of the rotatory kiln shell) and the ProTIR (system for the monitoring in the burner zone).

Mexico is now consolidated as one of the main markets of VisionTIR in America.

We want to thank MYTEC, distributor of VisionTIR in Mexico, for their great work to get these projects.

For more information on the RKS300 rotatory kiln shell monitoring system:

For more information about ProTIR thermal vision system for continuous temperature monitoring:

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