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RKS300 system will work in the Italcementi Group cement plant in Malaga

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Located in the eastern district of the municipality of Malaga, this cement factory owned by Italcementi Group has installed our visualization and thermal monitoring system RKS300. This will help in preventive maintenance, as well as in the efficiency of the operations in real time.


The operators and managers of rotary kilns need to have reliable temperature data to be able to make the best decisions on how to control the flame. The RKS-300 system, designed by VisionTIR, provides data and thermal images in the control center, with specific software to observe trends, collect, store data and program maintenance in an optimal way.

The great advantage offered by the RKS-300 system from VisionTIR is that the real-time inspection is not limited to one line but in the whole area of vision of the camera, representing approximately 160º of the perimeter of the oven.

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