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VisionTIR installs the ProTIR and RKS300 systems to monitor different areas in a zinc plant in Mexico

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VisionTIR has installed the RKS300 and ProTIR systems in a zinc oxide production plant in Mexico which are already fully operative.

The RKS300 system will monitor the kiln surface temperature to detect hot spots and prevent damages. On the other hand, the ProTIR system has been installed in the burning zone to monitor the flame and combustion.

Both systems have been in operation for a few weeks. The startup was successful.


The thermal camera-based kiln shell monitoring system RKS300 monitors kiln shell and provides real-time inspection of the entire kiln length.  It integrates hardware and software as a solution, allowing the detection and measurement of all hotspots on the kiln shell, even at an early stage.

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Based on high resolution thermal cameras and a specific software, ProTIR provides real radiometric images that accurately measure temperature inside of furnaces, rotary kilns, coolers, incinerators and boilers in the steel, minerals, power generation and process industries.

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