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VisionTIR participates together with Telefónica in the Greencities forum for urban intelligence and sustainability

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VisionTIR has recently participated, in collaboration with Telefónica, in the Greencities forum held in Malaga, an event in which participates all the agents involved in the construction of smart and sustainable cities in Spain.

VisionTIR has presented with Telefónica in the Greencities forum the fever detection system FeverTIR within the field of technological solutions for Smart Cities in the new post-COVID age.

Telefónica & VisionTIR
At the Telefónica stand, solutions were shown that help to adapt spaces in the new post-COVID era, such as capacity control, solutions to the new mobility in cities, and also in the control and prevention of contagions by using the fever detection system FeverTIR, designed and manufactured by VisionTIR.

The collaboration between Telefónica and VisionTIR is framed within the Andalucía Open Future project in which, in addition to Telefónica, the Government of Andalucia and the Málaga City Council also participate.

It is a fever detection system designed to quickly and accurately measure people’s body temperature without contact.

The system alerts about people who exceed the established maximum body temperature, detecting possible cases of fever, one of the most obvious symptoms of Covid-19 infection, as well as similar contagious diseases.

The system combines a high-precision thermal camera with a visible Full HD camera allowing body temperature measurement and the identification of people, with fast recording of the data obtained.

For higher accuracy in temperature measurement (±0.3ºC), there is the option of incorporating a black body source. The system complies with the IEC 80601-2-59 standard and a traceable calibration certificate is included.

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