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VisionTIR shows the latest technology in temperature monitoring at the Heat Treatments Congress 2019 in Bilbao

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The Heat Treatments Congress 2019 held this year in Bilbao brought together leading companies and professionals dedicated to industrial heat treatments, both nationally and internationally.

During the day, the latest technological advances and solutions for companies that require heat treatments were shown.


VisionTIR in the Heat Treatments Congress 2019

During the day Alejandro Torres, director of business development at VisionTIR, made a presentation on the “ProTIR thermographic vision system for continuous temperature monitoring”.

The ProTIR system offers the latest technology in continuous temperature monitoring inside furnaces, rotary kilns, coolers, incinerators and boilers, in industries such as steel, minerals, power generation or glass.

Based on high-resolution thermal imaging cameras and specific software, the ProTIR system provides high-temperature measurement as well as real-time radiometric images of the of furnaces inside, continuously and with high accuracy.

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