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Temperature control in biomass plants for power generation

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The concept of biomass refers to organic matter from plants, trees and animal waste that can be converted into energy.

Also materials from agriculture (waste from corn, coffee, rice), sawmills (sawdust, bark, branches) and from urban waste (sewage, garbage).

The energy obtained from all these wastes can be used to obtain thermal or electrical energy, being the perfect substitute for non-renewable fuels such as coal, gas or oil.

Biomass plants are responsible for the process of transforming this organic waste into energy through combustion generated in a boiler.

When generating water steam, it expands in a turbine that drives an electric generator, thus producing the energy that is desired in the process.


The regulation of the temperature that is generated in the boiler of the biomass plant is essential to control the combustion in the boiler, optimizing the consumption of energy, as well as to protect the infrastructure.

ProTIR system integrates a high-resolution thermographic vision camera that monitors the temperature inside the boiler, obtaining a real-time view of the process, identifying damage and improving efficiency and operation.

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