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Installation of the RKS300 system in the cement plant of FYM / Heidelberg in Basque Country

VisionTIR carried out the installation of the RKS300 rotary kiln monitoring system in the cement plant of FYM / Heidelberg in Añorga (Basque Country)....

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ABSR new distributor of VisionTIR systems ProTIR and RKS300 in India

The company ABSR Engineering & Services becomes new distributor of VisionTIR in India for the ProTIR and RKS300 systems. ABSR has extensive experi...

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VisionTIR will participate in the Genera 2019 fair dedicated to Energy

VisionTIR will participate in the International Energy and Environment Fair Genera 2019 from February 26th to March 1st, which will be organized in M...

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The ProTIR system is installed in the ENEL-Endesa thermal power plant in As Pontes (La Coruña)

The ProTIR thermographic vision system for continuous temperature monitoring continues consolidating itself as the most efficient solution in processe...

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Visit of VisionTIR partner in the Colombian and Brazilian markets

We recently received the visit of our partner for the development of VisionTIR’s business in the Colombian and Brazilian markets. During this vi...

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Visit to Xiris, distributor of VisionTIR products in Canada

The commercial director of VisionTIR Alejandro Torres recently visited Canada to meet the company Xiris, distributor of VisionTIR products in this cou...

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Control Systems Engineering (CSEPK), distributor of VisionTIR in Pakistan, visits our headquarters

Mr. Hasan A. Kazmi, Chief Executive of Control Systems Engineering company from Pakistan, visited VisionTIR headquarters in Malaga, Spain. During his ...

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Infrared Thermography

What is Infrared Thermography? Infrared thermography is a technique that allows to measure the temperatura of objects remotely and without physical co...

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Cement process manufacturing | Infographic

Cement_production_EN For more information, contact us: Contact

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VisionTIR presents FireTIR system in the Fire Safety fair in Manchester

The Fire Safety fair organized in Manchester is an event dedicated to safety and fire prevention in the the industrial sector for  professionals and c...

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