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Flare Stack Monitoring

Flare stacks are used for controlled combustion of excess gases specially in chemical and petrochemical industries. Flare stack monitoring is importan...

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Ingenieria Electronica ELECORP S.L. becomes new distributor of VisionTIR in Uruguay

The company Ingeniería Electrónica ELECORP S.L. becomes new distributor of VisionTIR systems in Uruguay. Ingeniería Electrónica ELECORP S.L. is a comp...

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VisionTIR awarded at the BBVA Evolution Awards

VisionTIR has been awarded in the V BBVA Evolution Awards in recognition for the development and innovation in technology dedicated to fight ag...

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Steam Reformer Tube Wall Temperature Monitoring

The temperature monitoring during the steam reforming process is extremely important for enabling process control optimization, energy efficiency savi...

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The cruise company Croisières Chateaubriand uses FeverTIR to detect fever in passengers

The cruise company Croisières Chateaubriand has put in operation the fever detection system FeverTIR manufactured by VisionTIR. The FeverTIR thermal s...

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VisionTIR participates together with Telefónica in the Greencities forum for urban intelligence and sustainability

VisionTIR has recently participated, in collaboration with Telefónica, in the Greencities forum held in Malaga, an event in which participates all the...

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Effective body temperature measurement for fever detection

With the increase in infections by Covid-19, various products for the detection of fever in people have appeared on the market. For a guaranteed measu...

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rks300 rotary kiln

Installation of RKS300 thermographic systems in two cement plants in South Korea and China

VisionTIR has recently been awarded two projects in South Korea and China for the operation of the RKS300 rotary kiln monitoring system. The RKS300 sy...

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FeverTIR | Fever detection system based on high-precision thermal imaging cameras

The Fever Detection System FeverTIR is designed to quickly and accurately measure people’s body temperature without contact. The system alerts about p...

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New FireTIR software with extra features and improved interface

VisionTIR has developed a new software for FireTIR, the most efficient early fire detection system which is based in infrared cameras. The FireTIR Sof...

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