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Forest Fire Detection

Prevention and Detection of Forest Fires In the fight against forest fires, the automatic fire detection system through thermal analysis is th...

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Continuous monitoring of furnace temperature in glass manufacturing

High temperature is required for the process where molten glass is transformed into different shapes (glass container, fiberglass, flat glass, special...

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Temperature control in biomass plants for power generation

The concept of biomass refers to organic matter from plants, trees and animal waste that can be converted into energy. Also materials from agriculture...

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Flare Stack Monitoring

Flare stacks are used for controlled combustion of excess gases specially in chemical and petrochemical industries. Flare stack monitoring is importan...

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Steam Reformer Tube Wall Temperature Monitoring

The temperature monitoring during the steam reforming process is extremely important for enabling process control optimization, energy efficiency savi...

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FeverTIR | Fever detection system based on high-precision thermal imaging cameras

The Fever Detection System FeverTIR is designed to quickly and accurately measure people’s body temperature without contact. The system alerts about p...

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Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Metal Reheat Furnaces

In today’s world, markets require higher quality and companies expect improved profitability. Complete temperature measurement with thermal imagers pr...

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RKS300 Rotary Kiln Monitoring System Overview Video

The RKS300 Rotary Kiln Monitoring System overview video will introduce you to the main features of the RKS300 system when working in cements plants. T...

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Monitoring and optimizing the temperature with infrared thermography in cement industry

Kiln operators and managers rely on accurate temperature data from the kiln to detect hotspots and prevent catastrophic kiln failures. Thermal camera-...

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Infrared Thermography | Thermal cameras and infrared pyrometers

What is Infrared Thermography? Infrared thermography is a technique that allows to measure the temperature of objects remotely and without physical co...

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